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We Are Ivanhoe – The Story of Mariama Barry

Publish date: 22 May 2024

Meet Mariama Barry, a legal professional and Head of Corporate Affairs at KICO.  Born and raised in France, she achieved her baccalaureate in 1996 and went on to pursue an education in Business and Tax Law at the Université de Paris René Descartes, also known as Sorbonne University. Her dedication and academic ability led to her graduation with a bachelor’s degree in 2002, marking the beginning of her career.

Licensed to practice law as a member of the Paris Bar, Mariama has always demonstrated the qualities of a driven and accomplished individual. Her career trajectory commenced in the realm of tax expertise within France, but her ambitions soon took her across borders to Guinea. There, she made her mark as part of an international audit firm, honing her skills and gaining invaluable experience.

Mariama’s journey eventually led her back to France, where she continued to flourish as a business lawyer. Her expertise spans various industries, yet she is particularly noted for her significant contributions to the mining sector, having served in pivotal roles such as the legal manager for the Simandou project at Rio Tinto in Guinea and as a legal consultant at Kamoa Copper.

Today, Mariama heads up KICO’s Corporate Affairs Department, bringing her extensive experience and leadership skills to bear. Her commitment to excellence is matched only by her call for unity and cooperation among all personnel, fostering a workplace culture characterized by “solidarity, efficiency, and mutual respect”.

With her at the helm, the Corporate Affairs Department is poised for unprecedented success.

18 Jun 24
18 Jun 24