At the heart of our culture is a deep sense of personal commitment and true care for the individuals, communities, and environments where we work. Mining is crucial and its significance is growing as we push towards cleaner energy and decarbonization. We need to continue mining, but we must mine responsibly, mindfully and with a greater purpose in mind.

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$2.1 Billion

Total value created and distributed by Ivanhoe Mines within the communities of host countries

$294 Million

Amount Ivanhoe Mines paid in taxes in 2022


Total number of employees at Ivanhoe Mines. Our workforce increased by 19% in 2022 with 3,979 employees and ~10,737 contractors


Number of beneficiaries of the Kamoa Sustainable Livelihoods program. Through the various programs, communities realized improved nutrition supporting better health and wellbeing


The Kipushi project now provides 20,000 households access to potable water, including nine hospitals and 31 schools

Message from the President

“I’m incredibly proud of all our hardworking employees and contractors who drive our industry leading initiatives. There is a great spirit of optimism and underlying comradeship in this industry, as we all work together to realize our shared global goal of a safe, just, and sustainable world powered by responsibly produced minerals and metals.”

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Our Sustainability Governance

We are dedicated to upholding strong governance principles – corporate integrity, transparency, and accountability. Our long-term success and sustainability are grounded in the values of agency, accountability, and responsible stewardship. We are committed to following the highest standards of ethics, corporate governance, honesty, and accountability, as outlined in our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. Concurrently, we strive to achieve our ultimate business objective of creating enduring, mutually beneficial value for all our stakeholders.