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Coco Musas’ inspiring journey at Kamoa-Kakula

Publish date: 06 September 2023

Coco Musas, who has been an employee at Kamoa-Kakula for the last decade, experienced hearing loss shortly after birth. In 2013, Kamoa recognized the need for constructing beehives (as one of many sustainability initiatives), as well as repairing furniture, and made the decision to employ Coco for the job. Throughout the years, Coco has earned a commendable reputation for his skill and trustworthiness amongst his colleagues and the local community where he resides. Today, Coco oversees the carpentry workshop at the Kamoa Camp. His incredible journey serves as both inspiration and motivation, emphasizing his immense pride in contributing to his work and the development of the local community. He views his hearing loss not as a limitation, but rather as an opportunity to inspire and empower others.

22 May 24
22 May 24