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Kamoa-Kakula hosts management development programs in Kolwezi

Publish date: 06 September 2023

We strongly believe in investing in our employees and fostering local talent through a wide range of comprehensive development programs. As a testament to this, the transformation department at Kamoa-Kakula recently hosted a management development program (MDP) and senior management development program (SMDP) in Kolwezi.

The MDP is aimed at equipping participants with advanced management skills as well as analytical and creative decision-making competencies. The program is focused on skills required to have a better understanding of the business and global context, implications for authentic leadership, sustainable innovation, and collaboration. The SMDP on the other hand is aimed at developing a paradigm shift in terms of operational management to strategic leadership thinking. This program places greater emphasis on financial viability, developing resilience and adapting to changing circumstances, and acquiring the ability to sense and respond to new business modes. Each program is divided into three training sessions spread over six months.  As a final assessment, each of the participants will deliver a presentation, planned to take place in November, which will be assessed by the Stellenbosch Business School.

Training and development remain vital pillars in ensuring the success and growth of our company. Upon the completion of these programs, employees will acquire the necessary skills to effectively apply them in their workplace, thereby facilitating their professional growth and advancement.

24 May 24
24 May 24