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Striving for excellence – Kamoa’s Kipaji development program harnesses local talent

Publish date: 16 November 2023

The Kipaji Development program aims to fulfill employee development objectives for succession planning by nurturing Congolese talent into the next generation of mining leaders. In 2022, the candidates of the Kipaji development program were granted the opportunity to participate in the Psychology of Leadership Course conducted by Emerge Leadership Academy and the Management Development Program offered by Stellenbosch Business School. Additionally, they were able to choose mentors from a group of experienced industry specialists currently working at Kamoa-Kakula, as well as other affiliated companies. With the guidance of their mentors, these candidates are making significant progress on their developmental journeys.

In August, Kamoa Copper organized a ceremony to celebrate the 2022 cohort’s accomplishments and welcome the 30 new students joining the program in 2023. Graduates were presented with certificates from the Stellenbosch Business School, and Riaan Vermeulen, the Managing Director of Kamoa-Kakula, addressed both the class of 2022 and the incoming candidates of 2023. Vermeulen emphasized the value of the program, stating, “The [Kipaji] program qualifications and courses empower you, but remember that they are tools for personal growth. Now that you are equipped, focus on enhancing your competence, as it will drive your success as a leader.”

During his address to the graduates and candidates, Vermeulen highlighted the transformative power of the program, acknowledging the challenges of balancing work and training. One graduate shared, “It wasn’t easy juggling both work and training, but we managed to persevere. Before joining this program, I had many doubts about myself, but now I realize that I possess the skills and abilities to make an impact on my environment and contribute to the journeys of others.”

Another candidate expressed her enthusiasm for the program, particularly her desire to develop confidence and seize new opportunities. She aspires to become the first female mine manager and expects the program to equip her with the necessary tools for achieving this goal.

In her closing remarks, Annebel Oosthuizen, the Chief Executive, Commercial, offered valuable advice to the graduates and candidates. She emphasized that the program is designed to provide everything they need to excel and be “excellent”, stating, “The true beauty of excellence is that it makes you unforgettable.”

Addressing the new students, Oosthuizen urged them to embrace bravery throughout the course. She highlighted how the program encourages self-discovery and pushes individuals beyond their comfort zones. She underscored the importance of bravery in overcoming fears of failure, as it is through embracing mistakes and learning from them that personal growth and professional development occur.

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12 Apr 24