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Careful Crossings

Publish date: 10 January 2024

At Ivanhoe Mines, we work to support and contribute to the achievement of the UN SDGs and appreciate the need to focus our efforts where we can have the greatest impact. One of our priorities is SDG 3, a global ambition that champions good health and well-being along with its SDG 3.6 target goal to reduce road injuries and fatalities.  To achieve this, we embarked on a project in partnership with the Department of Transportation (DOT) in South Africa.

A Partnership for Safety

The Platreef Project successfully collaborated with DOT to train scholars in road safety and patrol. The initiative was launched in the form of a training workshop held in April 2023, where scholars were equipped with safety gear such as reflector vests, whistles, caps, stop signs, and raincoats.

In addition to providing safety training to scholars, the educators at the participating schools underwent training by DOT and Community Safety on effective Scholar Patrols for learners. This initiative is designed not only to safeguard the students but also to instill a culture of safety and adherence to road regulations within the community.

Impacting Lives

The initiative is currently benefiting two primary schools: the Nkgodi Sephungo Primary School in Magongoa Village, which has a total of 905 students, and Sepedi Primary School in Sekgoboko Village, with 1015 students. These schools are the first to benefit from this road safety program, and the initiative will likely continue to expand.

Apart from regulating traffic and ensuring the safe passage of students, traffic officers also play a vital role in raising awareness of road regulations. Their presence is a constant reminder of the importance of road safety, and their interactions with the students provide valuable lessons in safe conduct on the roads.

Ivanhoe Mines’ commitment to SDG 3 and its efforts through the Platreef Project demonstrates a strong dedication to sustainable development and safety. The partnership with DOT and the implementation of the road safety program in schools is an excellent example of how companies can contribute to community safety and development. Through these initiatives, Ivanhoe Mines is not just mining with a purpose but also shaping a safer and more sustainable future.

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18 Jun 24