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Ivanhoe Mines provides website link to company’s fact-based response addressing issues contained in report distributed today by Congo Research Group

Publish date: 20 July 2017
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VANCOUVER, CANADA – A report publicly distributed today by the U.S.-based Congo Research Group contains a number of references to Ivanhoe Mines and its Kamoa-Kakula Copper Project in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The report purports to examine what it terms “the business networks” of DRC President Joseph Kabila and his family.

Endnotes contained at the back of the report include references to a statement that was issued to the Congo Research Group by Ivanhoe Mines on June 15, 2017, headlined, “Ivanhoe Mines issues fact-based response to Congo Research Groupon certain business activities in the Democratic Republic of Congo”.

Given the publication of the organization’s report, and in response to requests received, Ivanhoe Mines today has posted its June 15 statement on the company’s website. The statement may be accessed through the following link:

The Congo Research Group’s report also acknowledged that the organization had “helped fund” a Bloomberg News journalist who had participated in what was termed a coinciding investigation into Kabila family assets.

Ivanhoe Mines issued a public statement on July 19 citing errors, omissions of critical facts and a deceptive headline in two July 18 Bloomberg stories reporting on certain contracts involving Ivanhoe’s interests in the DRC. Bloomberg did correct a significant error in one story after it was challenged by Ivanhoe. The Bloomberg July 18 stories referred to some of the information that also appears in the Congo Research Group’s report that was distributed today.

The full text of Ivanhoe’s July 19 statement addressing failings of the Bloomberg stories also is available on the Ivanhoe website and may be accessed through the following link:

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